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Hydrolysed Fish Collagen

Hydrolysed fish collagen is popular in supplements for skin and joint health, in anti-aging cosmetics, as a protein enhancer in foods, and in pharmaceuticals for wound healing, all while being sustainably sourced from fish by-products.

  • CasNo.: 9007-34-5

  • Packing: 20kgs/bag

  • Qty in 20′ FCL: 8MTS(with pallets)

  • Supply Ability: 5,000mt/year

  • Origin: China

  • The Factory Site: Check

Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen PROTIDE
ColorOff White
Particle Size<0.35mm95%
Ash %1±0.25
Fat %2.5±0.5
Moisture %5±1
Nutritional Data(Calculated On Spec)
Nutritional Value Per 100g Product KJ/399 Kcal1690
Protein (N*5.55) G/100g92.5
Carbohydrates G/100g1.5
Microbiological Data
Total Bacterial<1000 Cfu/G
Yeast & Moulds<100 Cfu/G
SalmonellaAbsent In 25g
E. Coli<10 Cfu/G
PackageMax.10kg net paper bag with inner liner
Max.20kg net drum with inner liner
Storage ConditionClosed package at approx. 18℃ and a humidity <50%
Shelf LifeIn case of intact package and up to the above storage requirement, the valid period is two years.

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