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Vegan Peptide – A Comprehensive Overview from a Professional Perspective

Vegan Peptide is not naturally present and diverges from traditional collagen supplements derived from animal sources. As veganism gains popularity, the demand for plant-based collagen alternatives rises. Consequently, vegan collagen supplements amalgamate various plant-based ingredients rich in amino acids and essential nutrients crucial for collagen synthesis.

2024-02-01T15:28:09+08:00March 15, 2023|Market News|0 Comments

Plant Protein vs Animal Protein 

It is often said that animal protein powder is better than plant protein powder, because animal protein powder contains more essential amino acids, especially leucine, an amino acid that initiates protein synthesis, so it is better for muscle building.

2023-11-17T14:10:26+08:00September 18, 2021|Market News|0 Comments
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